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The exhibition «Saint Petersburg’s structuralism»
30 января, 2017
February 10th at 19.00 at the Museum of Saint-Petersburg’s art of 20th-21st century will open the exhibition «Saint Petersburg’s structuralism». The idea of the exhibition is to reflect the continuity of traditions of the Russian avant-garde in contemporary art space of St. Petersburg. More than 100 paintings, sculptures, graphics and art objects represent the creativity of artists of different generations, representing the "structuralism". The dominant feature of the exhibition will become masters of the older generation from private collections of famous Saint-Petersburg collectors: disciples of Malevich, Filonov and Petrov-Vodkin, now have become classics of the Petersburg art such as Vladimir Sterligov, Pavel Kondratyev, Grigoriy Dlugach and others. Due to their work and enthusiasm of radical discoveries of the rich heritage of avant-garde were not ended by official censorship in the difficult conditions of 1930-1980-ies. Exactly these maestros have given rise to the birth of a new generation of artists of the 1970-1990-ies and the emergence of alternative schools, whose works will form the backbone of the exhibition space. "Parallel" Group (N. Zemlyanaya, V. Chomutov) represent the associative style of abstraction; "The Kondratiev’s Circle" (V. Volkov, V. Povarova and their students) were studying the life of material in 3D space; "The Hermitage school" (A. Zaitsev, S. Mosevich) were exploring the "hidden geometry" of the works by old masters, sometimes going so far as to mathematical analysis;  "Sterligovskaja school" (L. Astrejn, M. Cjerush) continues to develop a "bowl-dome" system as a module of the structure of the world and artworks in particular. All presented in the exhibition artists and art schools tend to own experiment and self-expression. Nevertheless, stylistic innovations of the project participants are united by the reform theme and the problem of the structure of the piece. Students of students over the ages have passed their knowledge and maintain interest in the surrounding world and the search for his interpretation of the artistic method, conventionally named "structuralism." What is the structure and form of the work of art, how it is organised? How contemporary Saint Petersburg's art fit into one historical canvas with such "blocks" of the Russian avant-garde as Pavel Filonov, Kazimir Malevich or Wassily Kandinsky? The answer to these questions you can get by visiting the exhibition "Petersburg structuralism» in Museum of Saint-Petersburg’s art of XX-XXI centuries.
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